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Trial baby swimming lessons (3 to 18 months of age)

Babyschwimmen-Schnuppern 3-18 Monate

The natural movements in the water promote the baby's motor skill development and its self confidence. Baby swimming has positive effects on the baby's physical and mental development. Their sense of orientation and balance are being enhanced and their muscles and connective tissue are strengthened.

Baby Programme

You will find a variety of different free exercise and activity programmes for babies, kids and parents in our weekly programme.

Here, a few highlights of our baby programme.

Please refer to our current weekly programme for the exact dates and starting times.

Baby sauna (0 to 2 years of age)


Water is a healing element for humans - even at early stages of development. The pouring of water with different temperatures based on the teachings of the priest Sebastian Kneipp can strengthen the baby's immune system, promote its self-healing capabilities and stimulate its nervous system. Furthermore, playing Kneipp games as a baby can form the basis for a healthy life as an adult.

Baby massage


Butterfly massage is the name of gentle caressing sessions performed by the parents themselves under professional supervision by baby caretakers. It keeps the baby's muscles soft and flexible.


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