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All information on a worry-free and safe stay at Sonnentherme!

We are glad to personally welcome you and your family back to Sonnentherme! To make sure you feel great and, above all, safe, we have taken all necessary steps to maximally protect you, your family and our staff.

Safety and hygiene measures:

  • Online booking / reservation prior to admittance for Sonnentherme day guests at (available from 30.06.2020!) as visitor numbers are limited and to control the influx of visitors! Please also observe the capacity tool at!
  • You are not required to wear an MNS face mask in the indoor and outdoor areas from 15.06.2020! 
  • Possibility of contactless payment with your debit card instead of cash (which is also still possible!) at the checkouts, the reception and comfortable consumption via entry chip band within Sonnentherme!
  • Minimum distance of 1m in all indoor and outdoor areas, except for people living in a common household!
  • Minimum distance of 1m in the catering areas (restaurant, café-bar,…) to other persons who are not part of one’s own visitor group!.
  • Minimum distance of 1m in the lounging chair area / between family lounging islands (2, 3 and 4 person lounger area for persons living in the same household!)!
  • Minimum distance of 1m and compliance with maximum number of persons in pools!
  • Minimum distance of 1m and compliance with maximum number of persons in saunas and steam baths! Sauna infusions and towel waving is not permitted!
  • Wash / disinfect your hands and shower often!
  • Regularly disinfection (hands, prams,...) at the disinfection stations at the entrance and access areas, lobby, buffets and selected high-frequency points!
  • Shortened intervals of cleaning and disinfection cycles by our trained hygiene team!
  • Strong focus on cleaning and swipe disinfection of contact areas (railings, handrails, prams, toys,...)!
  • Regular and effective airing of indoor areas! (Swimming rooms, restaurant, saunas, steam baths, children’s play areas,...)!
  • Temperature measurement service at checkouts, reception and life guards!
  • Please stay at home if you experience symptoms of getting ill (high temperature, coughing, head and throat pain, difficulty breathing,...)!
  • Please take responsibility for yourself, your own children and respect the other guests in the spirit of careful interaction!
  • The current measures, safety precautions and instructions by our staff must be observed. In case of non-compliance our management reserves the right to ban you from entering our establishment with immediate effect (entrance fees, costs for overnight stays and other booked / paid services will not be reimbursed!) and to report you to the relevant authorities!

Thank you for helping us to protect yourself and others. We thank you for your stay with us and wish you a relaxing, exciting and safe stay!

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Issue 02.06.2020


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