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Facial spa

Intensive facial approx. 75 Min.
Cleanse, scrub, steam, removal of impurities, eyebrow shaping, serum, facial-neck-decollete massage, mask and final care
€ 78,-- 
Standard facial approx. 55 Min.
Cleanse, scrub, steam, removal of impurities, serum, mask an final care
€ 68,-- 
Anti aging facial approx. 50 Min.
Cleanse, scrub, serum, facial-neck-decollete massage, mask with coloured light irradiation and final care
€ 68,-- 
Trial facial approx. 45 Min.
Cleanse, face massage, mask and final care
€ 48,-- 
Relaxing facial approx 30 Min.
Cleanse, energetic lymphatic drainage, mask and final care
€ 39,-- 

Body treatments in the spa

Salt-Oil fully body scrub approx. 30 Min.
On the hamam couch
€ 43,--
Thalasso therapy approx. 30 Min.
Full-body purification with the hovering softpack system. Helps the connective tissue fight cellulite.
€ 43,--

Hand an foot spa

Foot care approx. 45 Min.
Foot bath, removal of calluses, pedicure, short foot massage
€ 43,-- 
Hand care approx. 25 Min.
Cut and fail nails, ahnd bath, removal of calluses, manicure, short hand massage
€ 28,-- 
Nail polish approx. 15 Min.€ 9,-- 
French nail polish approx. 15 Min.€ 12,-- 

Junior spa

Juniors' facial approx. 50 Min.
(maximum age: 18) Cleanse, scrub, steam, removal of impurities, mask and final care
€ 51,-- 
Juniors' pedicure approx. 20 Min.
(maximum age: 14) Cut and fail nails, nail polisch for girls, foot massage for boys
€ 24,-- 
Juniors' manicure approx. 20 Min.
(maximum age: 14) Cut and fail nails, nail polisch for girls, hand massage for boys
€ 21,-- 

Spa for two

Beautiful time with mom or dad approx. 40 Min.
Cleanse, facial massage, mask and final care
€ 58,-- 

My day in the spa

1 Back massage in the massage institute
1 Foot care
1 Intensiv facial
€ 141,--


Eyebrow shaping approx. 15 Min.€ 11,-- 
Eyebrow resinating approx. 15 Min.€ 11,-- 
Dying of lashes approx. 15 Min.€ 17,-- 
Dying of eyebrows approx. 15 Min€ 17,-- 
Beautiful glance approx. 30 Min.
Dying of lashes and eyebrows, eyebrow shaping
€ 39,-- 

Hair removal spa

Upper lip approx. 15 Min.€ 9,-- 
Chin approx. 15 Min.€ 9,-- 
Entire legs and bikini zone approx. 45 Min.€ 42,-- 
Armpits approx. 15 Min.€ 16,-- 
Chest approx. 30 Min.€ 33,-- 
Back approx. 30 Min.€ 33,-- 
Bikini Zone approx. 15 Min.€ 18,-- 
Lower arms approx. 20 Min.€ 19,-- 
Lower legs approx. 30 Min.€ 23,-- 
Upper legs approx. 30 Min.€ 23,-- 

Of course, you can also surprise your loved ones with a voucher for a personal treatment!

We gladly accept credit and debit cards

For more Information and appointments please call +43/2615/87171-2166 or mail to spa(AT)sonnentherme.at

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