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Sauna Rules

Our sauna is here to offer you health and relaxation.

 Please understand that it is absolutely necessary, for the safety, hygiene, and above all well-being of all sauna guests, to observe the following precepts for the fulfilment of official rules. By purchasing an entry ticket, you enter into a sauna visit contract with "Sonnentherme" plc and thereby acknowledge the following percept of the sauna rules as the subject matter of the contract.

1. Sauna Guests
Drunken persons, persons with open wounds, skin diseases or infectious diseases (e.g. influenza), epileptics as well as persons who have been forbidden from use by supervisory staff, are not permitted to use the sauna. In case of doubt, it is recommended to consult a GP as to whether it is permitted to use the sauna. Children and youths are only permitted to enter the sauna after having reached 15 years of age.

2. Sauna Times
Please note the stated sauna times. If use times are exceeded, a supplementary fee will be charged in accordance with the current list of prices.

3. Entry Tickets (strap)
A valid entry card (strap) is required in order to use the sauna. The indicated entry prices apply. The strap (entry ticket) is to be worn on the wrist so that it is easily visible for the whole duration of the sauna visit. The staff is permitted to request the entry ticket to be produced. Purchased entry tickets will not be taken back. Transferring purchased tickets to other persons is not permitted.

4. Valuables, Loss of Objects
Valuables and large sums of money can be kept secure in one of the safes at the desk for a fee in accordance with the current price list. No liability will be assumed for other valuables brought into the sauna premises. Found objects should be handed over the sauna staff.

5. Behaviour in the Sauna
The facilities should be treated with care. Damage and soiling should be avoided. The costs of any necessary damage repairs or the removal of any soiling are to be compensated. Should a damage or soiling - even when unintentional - eventuate, please inform the sauna staff. The guests are obliged to meet the highest standards of cleanliness in the entire sauna. The sauna area may not be entered with street shoes. Without exception, only bathing sandals may be worn. In the interests of fellow users, all behaviour should be avoided that negatively impacts relaxation, safety, or hygiene, in particular disturbances of the peace such as noises, singing, whistling, telephoning etc. In the sauna area, smoking is absolutely not permitted. Food and drinks may only be consumed in the sauna bar and in the restaurant as well as the rooms provided for this. Rubbish is to be placed in the rubbish bins provided. For mutual benefit, we ask you not to reserve lounges and chairs.

6. Guidelines for Sauna
Use Please use the shower facilities in order to clean your body before your first sauna session, and only enter the sauna chamber once dry. Please always use a sufficiently large towel to sit or lie upon in the sauna. Reading material and technical equipment (eg cell phones, cameras, tablets) in the sauna chambers is prohibited. Infusions will only take place at pre-indicated times, or will be carried out by sauna staff or permitted persons. We request silence during the infusion. The sauna is a contrast bath. Accordingly, please use the cooling facilities after visiting the sauna chamber. Before visiting the diving basin, thorough showering is necessary for hygienic reasons. Please observe the instruction tables and rules of conduct.

7. Supervisory Staff
Please understand that the sauna staff must take measures to preserve official regulations and in the interests of safety, hygiene and the well-being of the guests as well as to prevent damages. The instructions of sauna staff should therefore be followed in all cases. The sauna staff is permitted to issue warnings and impose sauna ban in the event of infringements against the bathing regulations. In this event, there is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee.

We wish you a pleasant stay - your Sonnentherme team!


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