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Adventure Infusions

Every week, we pamper our sauna guests with a special service. - A wide range of adventure infusions and ceremonies using 100% pure essential oils from controlled organic cultivation makes every sauna fan's heart beat faster.

Infusions and ceremonies at Sonnentherme

Sea salt infusion

The sea salt gently removes calluses and dandruff and activates the biological functions of the skin. For the sea salt infusion, we furthermore use 100% pure essential oils from controlled organic cultivation.

Honey Infusion

Honey binds moisture and nourishes the skin which becomes velvety and fresh as a result. Additionally, the honey is antibacterial, clears and soothes the skin.

Chocolate ceremony

The chocolate ceremony revitalises tired skin and is effective against prematurely ageing skin. Furthermore, it promotes the skin's circulation and gives it a velvety freshness. Tired and dry skin can recuperate.

Vino Creme ceremony (grape seed scrub)

Vino Creme contains precious vitamins and moisturises. The grape seed scrub cleanses the skin and renews the cells. The skin becomes smooth and elastic. An unforgettable experience for body and mind.

Experience fee: € 1.00 per infusion/person

Join in - this special experience will convince you.


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