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Bathing Rules

For your safety! Please follow our bathing rules.

By purchasing an entry ticket, or the conclusion of an accomodation contract with the Hotel Sonnenpark, you are entering into a visiting contract with "Sonnentherme" plc, baths for short, and acknowledge the following bathing regulations as the subject matter of the contract.

1. Responsibilities of the Baths

1.1. Permission to Use Facilities, Assumption of Risk by Guests

(1) The baths allow the guests to use the bath facilities at their own risk within the limits of the precepts of these bathing regulations.

(2) It is not possible for either the baths or the staff to prevent bathing accidents altogether. In particular, guests bear the risks associated with playing sport in the bathing area.

(3) This also applies for injuries and other intrusions into the personal space of the guest by fellow guests or other third-parties not belonging to the staff or the baths.

(4) The baths assume only the following responsibilities towards the guests

1.2. Opening Times and Granting of Admission

(1) The baths are required to allow visiting during the opening times as indicated by poster or supervisory staff. The opening hours of the various areas, pools and attractions may differ from the actual opening time of the bath, because these are seasonally adjusted to the actual frequencies and to the age of the target group. These opening hours are published in detail on the website and at the respective areas, pools and attractions.

(2) Should the officially permitted number of visitors be exceeded, the baths can forbid, with the help of staff responsible, the admittance of further visitors. In these cases, those who wish to visit should expect waiting times or in some cases, visitors may be denied access on that day.

(3) The baths reserve the right to refuse admittance, without giving reasons, to persons whose permission to visit the bath seems dubious.

1.3. Condition of the Facilities in Use

(1) The baths guarantee that the facilities will be built, serviced and maintained in accordance with prescriptions. In particular, the baths must follow all valid hygiene and safety regulations. There are no further obligations for the baths.

(2) As soon as the baths gain knowledge of the faultiness, deficiency or defectiveness of a facility which no longer ensures its safe operation, the baths will immediately forbid the usage of the faulty facility, or will limit its usage in an appropriate manner.

(3) The bathing guest is personally responsible for following the instructions of the responsible staff.

1.4. Monitoring Compliance with Bathing Regulations

(1) With the help of staff responsible for this, the baths will monitor, within reasonable bounds, the compliance with bathing regulations by guests and other persons on the area of the baths. Should behaviour that is contrary to regulations be detected, the relevant persons will be warned and, where necessary, be expelled from the area.

1.5. Help in Cases of Accident

(1) Should an accident eventuate, the baths will without delay implement assistance measures within reasonable bounds and with the help of staff responsible.  

1.6. Help in Protecting against reported Dangers

(1) Should it be substantiated to the baths, and in particular to the staff responsible, that an imminent danger to the health and lives of guests exists, the baths will make every effort within reasonable bounds to protect against this danger.

1.7. No Possibility for Supervising under-age persons, the disabled, and non-swimmers

(1) The baths and thereby also their staff are not in a position, and hence also not obliged, to supervise minors, under-age persons, physically or mentally disabled persons, and non-swimmers.

1.8. Liability of the Baths

(1) The baths are liable only for damages that they or their staff have caused to the guest by illegal and culpable behaviour, in particular behaviour contrary to the terms of the contract.

(2) The baths are not liable for damages that are caused by disregarding bathing regulations or any other usage regulations, or by non-observance of instructions given by staff, through the fault of the injured party, or through inevitable events or force majeure, in particular also by interference by third parties. Contributory fault will lead to a corresponding apportionment of damages. This also applies, mutatis mutandis, for all usage regulations posted by their respective devices and facilities (e.g. for the slide, diving tower, sauna, etc.) as well as for all usage bans or restrictions as set out in point 1.3.(2).

(3) Use of parking spaces is at one's own risk. The baths are required neither to guard parking places nor to maintain their surfaces or other facilities in order to protect vehicles from damages (e.g. through nails, glass shards or potholes located on the surface).

2. Responsibilities of the Guests

2.1. Entry tickets (strap), Keys, Prepaid Cards, Charges

(1) The use of bathing facilities is only permitted with a valid entry ticket (strap) in accordance with the tariff guideline. The tariff guideline is part of the bathing regulations.

(2) The strap (entry ticket) must be worn visibly on the wrist for the entire duration of the bathing visit. Lost straps will not be issued anew. The visitor must leave the bath or purchase a new entry ticket (strap).

(3) A deposit may be requested on the basis of the valid scale of charges for straps and keys issued.

(4) The straps and keys issued must be returned on leaving the bath.

(5) For lost straps and keys, a reimbursement of cost will be charged in accordance with the valid price list.

2.2. Supervision of Children, Minors, Non-Swimmers, and Disabled Persons

(1) Those generally responsible (e.g. relatives with parental authority or corresponding supervisory or care persons) for children, minors, non-swimmers as well as physically or mentally disabled, must make proper provisions for these persons.

(2) These responsible persons remain responsible for supervision even then, when they do not enter the area of the baths or leave ahead of time.

(3) The applicable legal provisions for the protection of children and young persons, in particular alcohol and smoking bans, exclusion orders, and the obligations of parents/guardians, must be observed by the young persons and their parents/guardians.

2.3. Supervision in the event of Group Visits

(1) In cases of group visits, the responsible supervisory person for pupils, or the responsible functionary for clubs and other organisations, must ensure that the bathing regulations are observed and thereby assume full responsibility for this. To this effect, their own supervisory persons must be present for the entire duration of the group visit.

(2) These supervisory persons, together with the supervisory staff of the baths, must take care to ensure a proper understanding such that the normal operation of the baths is not disturbed by the group visit.

2.4. Instructions from the Staff of the Baths

(1) Guests are obliged to follow absolutely the instructions of the staff of the baths. This also applies when a guest is of the opinion that an instruction issued to him is not justified.

(2) Those who violate the bathing regulations or prohibitions of use for particular facilities (e.g. slides, diving tower, sauna) or restrictions as outlined in Section 1.3.(2) or defy the instructions of staff responsible, may be expelled from the baths by this person or another representative of the baths without being entitled to a refund of the entry fee.

(3) In special cases, a ban on visiting may also be issued for the future.

2.5. Hygiene Regulations

(1) Guests are obliged to meet the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the baths.

(2) Nowhere in the baths may be entered with street shoes.

(3) The wearing of bathing shoes is required through the bathing area.

(4) It is permitted only to wear the following customary and contemporary swimwear in the water: Swimming trunks and shorts for male visitors, bikinis and bathing suits for female visitors, and swim nappies or special baby bathing suits for babies. Short or long sleeved shirts, long trousers or leggings, short sport trousers and headgear (except for customary bathing caps) are without exception not permitted, irrespective of what material they are made from.

(5) The baths may not be visited by those with infectious diseases.

(6) Before each entry into the pool, for hygienic reasons a shower must be taken. Showers must be turned off immediately after use.

(7) The use of soap, shampoos or cleaning agents as well as washing bathing cloths in swimming or bathing pools is forbidden.

(8) Rubbish (bottles, glasses, cans, paper etc.) must be disposed of in the rubbish bins provided.

2.6. Avoidance of Endangerment and Annoyance

(1) Every guest is obliged, above all with respect to noise, to show consideration for the other bathing guests. Accordingly, everything is forbidden that will irritate or even endanger other bathing guests.

(2) The boundaries of the bathing area may not be scaled or climbed over.

(3) All facilities and equipment of the baths may only be used in accordance with their purpose (e.g. children's pool, baby's pool, non-swimmers' area, waterslides).  

2.7. Diving Area

(1) Diving is only permitted in pools or parts of pools provided for this and at times prescribed for this.

(2) Diving may be limited depending on visitor frequency.

(3) Divers must ensure that they do not endanger other bathing guests.

(4) The diving area many not be used by other bathing guests while diving is taking place.

(5) Pools or parts of pools designed exclusively for diving may only be used while diving is underway by other guests only to the extent that diving may take place smoothly and without endangering the other guests.

2.8. Use of Additional Equipment

(1) The separate locally posted rules of use of the children sauna and sauna (sauna order) must be followed.

(2) Loss or damage must be compensated.

2.9. Contribution and Loss of Objects, Parking of Vehicles

(1) Valuables and large sums of money can be kept secure in one of the safes at the desk for a fee in accordance with the current price list. No liability will be assumed for other valuables brought into the bath area.

(2) Found objects should be handed over the sauna staff for confirmation.

(3) Vehicles or other objects may only be parked in such a way as not to block entry into the baths, in particular with respect to rescue, fire or police services.

2.10. Obligation to Report/Rendering of Assistance

(1) Accidents, thefts as well as complaints must be reported to the responsible staff or the management of the baths at once.

(2) Every guest is obliged to administer the necessary first aid or render other forms of assistance.

2.11. Other Business Activities/Advertising

(1) Every form of business activity or advertising in the area of the baths and in the car park requires the agreement of the proprietor.

2.12. Consumption of Foods, Alcohol and Drinks

(1) Foods and drinks may only be consumed in the areas provided for this (sauna bar, restaurant and baby kitchen).

(2) The use of glassware is forbidden throughout the baths.


We wish you a pleasant stay - your Sonnentherme team!

Sauna Rules

Our sauna is here to offer you health and relaxation.

 Please understand that it is absolutely necessary, for the safety, hygiene, and above all well-being of all sauna guests, to observe the following precepts for the fulfilment of official rules. By purchasing an entry ticket, you enter into a sauna visit contract with "Sonnentherme" plc and thereby acknowledge the following percept of the sauna rules as the subject matter of the contract.

1. Sauna Guests
Drunken persons, persons with open wounds, skin diseases or infectious diseases (e.g. influenza), epileptics as well as persons who have been forbidden from use by supervisory staff, are not permitted to use the sauna. In case of doubt, it is recommended to consult a GP as to whether it is permitted to use the sauna. Children and youths are only permitted to enter the sauna after having reached 15 years of age.

2. Sauna Times
Please note the stated sauna times. If use times are exceeded, a supplementary fee will be charged in accordance with the current list of prices.

3. Entry Tickets (strap)
A valid entry card (strap) is required in order to use the sauna. The indicated entry prices apply. The strap (entry ticket) is to be worn on the wrist so that it is easily visible for the whole duration of the sauna visit. The staff is permitted to request the entry ticket to be produced. Purchased entry tickets will not be taken back. Transferring purchased tickets to other persons is not permitted.

4. Valuables, Loss of Objects
Valuables and large sums of money can be kept secure in one of the safes at the desk for a fee in accordance with the current price list. No liability will be assumed for other valuables brought into the sauna premises. Found objects should be handed over the sauna staff.

5. Behaviour in the Sauna
The facilities should be treated with care. Damage and soiling should be avoided. The costs of any necessary damage repairs or the removal of any soiling are to be compensated. Should a damage or soiling - even when unintentional - eventuate, please inform the sauna staff. The guests are obliged to meet the highest standards of cleanliness in the entire sauna. The sauna area may not be entered with street shoes. Without exception, only bathing sandals may be worn. In the interests of fellow users, all behaviour should be avoided that negatively impacts relaxation, safety, or hygiene, in particular disturbances of the peace such as noises, singing, whistling, telephoning etc. In the sauna area, smoking is absolutely not permitted. Food and drinks may only be consumed in the sauna bar and in the restaurant as well as the rooms provided for this. Rubbish is to be placed in the rubbish bins provided. For mutual benefit, we ask you not to reserve lounges and chairs.

6. Guidelines for Sauna
Use Please use the shower facilities in order to clean your body before your first sauna session, and only enter the sauna chamber once dry. Please always use a sufficiently large towel to sit or lie upon in the sauna. Reading material and technical equipment (eg cell phones, cameras, tablets) in the sauna chambers is prohibited. Infusions will only take place at pre-indicated times, or will be carried out by sauna staff or permitted persons. We request silence during the infusion. The sauna is a contrast bath. Accordingly, please use the cooling facilities after visiting the sauna chamber. Before visiting the diving basin, thorough showering is necessary for hygienic reasons. Please observe the instruction tables and rules of conduct.

7. Supervisory Staff
Please understand that the sauna staff must take measures to preserve official regulations and in the interests of safety, hygiene and the well-being of the guests as well as to prevent damages. The instructions of sauna staff should therefore be followed in all cases. The sauna staff is permitted to issue warnings and impose sauna ban in the event of infringements against the bathing regulations. In this event, there is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee.

We wish you a pleasant stay - your Sonnentherme team!


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