Hygiene at Sonnentherme

Our dedication for your well-being:

For us, the well-being of our young and adult guests is our prime objective. One essential prerequisite for this are high standards of hygiene which Sonnentherme strives to achieve every day. With a skilled team and state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee optimum hygiene in the entire aquatic area.

State-of-the-art technology:

Of course, Sonnentherme attaches particular importance to the quality of the water: Every hour, our systems shift approx. 2,800m³ of pool water - 24 hours a day. Additionally, some 300m³ of fresh water are added every day and the filters are also flushed every day. As stipulated by the Act on Hygiene in Swimming Pools, we add chlorine to the water which keeps the water free of germs. In addition, the water in the baby and children's pools is treated with ozone which lowers the pollutant content. Using probes and state-of-the-art IT, we permanently examine the pH, chlorine and redox values. Thus, the water quality and the speed by which germs are eliminated are monitored at all times. The hygiene institute Illmitz conducts unannounced water tests at least twice a year. In addition, Sonnentherme conducts further additional self-checks.

Our staff, striving to please you

During the opening hours, pool attendants monitor the water surfaces and check whether the tile floors are clean and generally monitor the hygiene in the entire facility. Apart from automated checks, we conduct a manual test of the water quality once per day. Thereby, we check chlorine content, pH-value and residual ozone. Prior to opening the hot springs, two workers remove coarse-particle impurities from the pools by means of suction for two hours. Furthermore, the pool attendant pays close attention to the cleanliness of the sauna area. The sauna benches are being cleaned after every infusion. The cleaning team works 16 hours every day in three shifts: 17 workers clean the facilities in the morning, 5 people are responsible for their cleanliness during the day and 2 people clean them at night. In the morning, they clean and disinfect the entire tiled surface, the loungers and the sanitary facilities. During opening hours, the showers and toilets are cleaned and disinfected hourly. Of course, the intervals between are being adjusted in case of high traffic. The hygiene team regularly attends trainings on the topics of cleaning and disinfection.

Qualified and well-trained personnel, state-of-the-art technology and permanent checks that far exceed the level required by law guarantee worry-free swimming fun!

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