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Are you looking for a children's hot springs in Austria that offers discounts?

Discounted admission is available for example every Friday on our Family Day or with the XXL Family Card on Sunday, where families with three or more children can save money on admission. 

Looking for a children's hot springs in Austria that offers discounts? Save money 

  • on Fridays on our family day, 10 % off your admission
  • with the XXL Family Card on Sunday if you have three or more children
  • thanks to our discounts for senior citizens and people with disabilities 

Keep an eye out for further offers all year round such as our Wiffzack weeks at the end of school and many more


Worth knowing

Have you met Sunny Bunny?

No? Then it's about time! You will meet Sunny Bunny all the time at Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg. Members of the Sunny Bunny Club additionally benefit from many perks and offers during their stay.


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Children’s workshops, offers and discounts as well as games are only a few of the benefits.


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