Information for your safe visit to Sonnentherme and Hotel Sonnenpark

We can’t wait for you and your family to visit us again! It is our mission that you spend a nice day and stay safe during your time at Sonnentherme.

Safety and hygiene measures:

  • Buy your ticket online in advance at This helps us keep the limitation on the number of visitors. Please track the current number of visitors at our website.
    Tickets to buy
  • To visit Sonnentherme, a negative COVID test/vaccine certificate/valid certificate of past COVID-19 illness is required. Children under 12 may enter with a parent with one of the certificates above, while children above 12 need a certificate/negative COVID test on their own.
  • After their certificate for entry expires, hotel guests need to have a supervised COVID test taken every other day, administered at the hotel.
    • Expiry of tests:
      • PCR test: 72 hours (detection of an authorized body!),
      • Antigen test: 24 hours (detection of an authorized body!),
      • Antigen test for self-testing: 24 hours (recorded in an official data processing system!)
      • Controlled self-test: 24 hours (under supervision in a facility - but only valid for the duration of the stay!)!
    • Expiry of vaccines: Proof of vaccination against COVID-19 with a centrally approved vaccine.
      • Second vaccination (valid for 270 days from the vaccination date)
      • Vaccination from the 22nd day after vaccination for vaccines where only one dose is required (valid for 270 days from the vaccination date)
      • Vaccination, provided there was a positive molecular biology test for SARS-CoV-2 or evidence of neutralizing antibodies at least 21 days prior to vaccination (valid for 270 days from the vaccination date)
    • Recovered individuals:
      • A medical’s confirmation of infection survived in the last 180 days
      • A certificate of segregation, if issued within the last 180 days prior to the scheduled testing.
      • Proof of neutralizing antibodies, which is valid for 90 days from the test date
  • Pay with a touchless card instead of cash. We will charge your purchases on your entrance band, which you can pay for by cash or credit card.
  • Regular use of disinfectants on hands, buggies, etc. at the entrances, lobby, buffets and other high-traffic areas.
  • We clean and disinfect regularly with the help of our trained cleaning personnel.
  • We pay high attention to cleaning and disinfecting surfaces touched frequently (railings, hand rails, door handles, buggies, toys, etc.)
  • We air indoor facilities regularly and effectively (pools, restaurants, saunas, steam baths, playrooms, etc.).
  • Temperature checks are available at the cashiers, reception and at pool guards.
  • Please stay at home if you notice symptoms of COVID-19 on yourself or your family members (e.g. fever, cough, headache, sore throat, difficulty of breathing, etc.).
  • You need to take personal responsibility for yourself and your children but please consider the safety of other guests as well.
  • We kindly ask you to keep the above measures, safety measures and the instruction of our colleagues. If you break these rules, hotel management keeps the right to ask the guest to leave premises (without refund of entrance fee, hotel fees and other expenses) and to notify authorities.

Thank you for helping us keep all our guests safe! We are happy to welcome you among our guests. We wish you a meaningful, relaxing and safe stay.

The Sonnentherme & Hotel Sonnenpark Team

Hotel guests are to take a supervised COVID-19 test every other day after their entrance test expires. Antigen tests are administered at the hotel and are free of charge. They take appr. 15 minutes.

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